CGWA guidelines for individual domestic consumers extracting groundwater for swimming pools

Vast extraction of groundwater reserves for swimming pools in residential areas are leading to future scarcity of water. The Central Ground water Authority implemented new regulations for residential consumers extracting groundwater for swimming pools. 

In these regulations, CGWA mandates all domestic users to have digital flow meters with telemetry systems to monitor the extraction of groundwater for swimming pools.

Which instructions to be followed to comply with these CGWA guidelines?

To comply with these guidelines, it is mandate to follow the given instructions below-

  1. NOC of groundwater extraction for swimming pools only if the local authorities are unable to supply the necessary amount of water in the area.
  2. Telemetry system with Digital water flow meter shall be installed in all abstraction structures within 30 days NOC grant on the CGWA/SGWA portal.
  3. Users must pay groundwater abstraction/restoration fees for swimming pools.
  4. If any of the No Objection Certificate provisions are broken, proponents are accountable for paying penalties.

Is NOC also required for individual domestic consumers for groundwater extraction?

The Central Ground Water Authority directs individual domestic consumers are exempted from seeking No Objection Certificate for ground water extraction in both rural and urban areas. All such users, whether existing or new, extracting groundwater for swimming pools, shall be required to seek No Objection Certificate from CGWA/SGWA.

How can a residential swimming pool consumer apply for the NOC?

Follow the step by step instructions to apply for NOC-

  1. Go to the CGWA/SGWA website
  2. Select option “Online Application for NOC”
  3. Select if you are a new user or existing user accordingly.
  4. Fill the form and submit it
  5. Once you receive the NOC install a telemetry system like the one we offer within 30 days

You are required to submit the NOC application fees. You can click here to understand the steps for fees submission.

How are our telemetry systems able to communicate with any make of digital flowmeters?

It is mandatory to understand the mechanism of a telemetry system that can communicate with any make of digital flow meters. Individual domestic consumers extracting groundwater for swimming pools are required to get NOC and install IoT-based Digital Flowmeters for Groundwater Monitoring. Domestic consumers failing to do so may be penalized with a sum of money that can amount to Rs 2,00,000.

List of Domestic Consumers segment that are required to meet CGWA guidelines:

  • Residential Apartments
  • Group Housing Societies
  • Townships
  • Bungalows/Villas
  • Farmhouses, Clubs
  • Hotels, Resorts
  • Sports/Swimming Complexes
  • Swimming Academies
  • Schools, and other similar Institutions 

You can click here for more information-

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