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TSC Water is an IIoT-enabled software tailored for remote management of surface and groundwater resources, along with workflow management.

Trusted by global enterprises to achieve water neutrality.

Key features to simplify your water management

Consumer billing

  • A dedicated OTP-based portal for consumers to track and pay bills.
  • Benefit from billing based on both flat and slab rates, ensuring you’re charged accurately.
  • Get comprehensive monthly statements that outline all charges, including transparent tax calculations.
  •  Enjoy the convenience of direct delivery of bills to your email.
  • Stay informed about your payment status as bills are promptly marked as ‘paid’ by an authorized accountant.
  • Manage your finances effectively using the penalty calculation feature.

Geo-tagged water utilization and efficiency measurement

  • Obtain a water quality score based on critical parameters such as TOC, pH, TSS, TDS, DO, and more.
  • Stay informed about location-specific risks via a risk score, considering aspects like water scarcity, flood frequency, and general water quality.
  • Leverage advanced remote sensing technology to gauge available water volumes in your area.
  • Access an extensive list of backup or alternative water sources in proximity.

Real-time data monitoring

  • Access a single dashboard to monitor active users and the status of instruments like quality analyzers, and flow meters in real-time.
  • Monitor parameters such as pressure, temperature, depth, flow rate, and total flow across all instruments and sensors in real-time.
  • Track daily, monthly, or yearly water usage distribution by a specific instrument or facility.
  • Analyze trends in flow rate and total flow for comprehensive water usage insights over time.
  • Get daily updates on water neutrality status and data on water restored, recycled, stored, and lost.

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Automated real-time data acquisition

  • Achieve real-time data acquisition via TSC IOT gateways and TSC edge, capturing data directly from sensors, meters, analyzers, etc.
  • Consolidate data in a central repository, integrating information from instruments, sensors, SCADA systems, and other sources.
  • Implement automated workflows and scheduling mechanisms to ensure precise and swift collection of quality data.
  • Benefit from data storage for scalability.

Early alert system

  • Pinpoint deviations and potential non-compliance issues with the help of an automated violation and anomaly detection engine.
  • Receive timely alerts and notifications through email, SMS, and mobile push notifications to monitor both water quality and quantity.
  • Benefit from pre-configured rules and support that align with global regulations.
  • Define water usage limits for individual sources or the whole facility
  • Establish and manage escalation rules tailored for parameters such as flow total and flow rate specific to a meter.
  • Implement and manage offline alerts to ensure continuous device functionality monitoring.
  • Generate alerts specific to particular stations and parameters for focused attention

Universally adaptable

  • Data Source Agnostic: Effortlessly consolidate and analyze data from various sources such as instruments, sensors, SCADA systems, water testing labs, and more.
  • Hardware Agnostic: Irrespective of your hardware choices, our system seamlessly integrates, ensuring peak performance and compatibility.
  • Communication Protocol Agnostic: Benefit from our support for diverse communication protocols, ensuring fluid data exchange across a range of systems and devices.
  • Cloud Agnostic: Operate effortlessly across multiple cloud infrastructures including Amazon, Azure, SAP, Oracle, and beyond, ensuring flexibility and scalability

Compliance and regulations

  • Meet regulatory compliance across geographies with support for CPCB, CWGA (India), DMR reporting directly to the state or EPA (USA), MUMPS and CCR, etc
  • Sign up with regulators offering Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to streamline automated compliance reporting via API.

Automated report

  • Automate workflows to generate and send water extraction reports to regulators like CPCB, and CGWA.
  • Schedule reports on parameters such as raw data, limit exceedances, data availability, and water meters, organized by facility, usage, borewells, and pumping hours.

Groundwater monitoring & reporting

  • Real-time IoT-based monitoring of groundwater extraction with telemetry.
  • Digitized data collection, management, and reporting.
  • Automated checks and anomaly detection ensure clean, disclosure-grade data.
  • Built-in calculations for penalties and tariffs provide clear financial impact insights.
  • Measure parameters like pressure, quantity, flow rate, total flow, quality, water level, and more.
  • Automated workflows for scheduled, accurate water quality data collection
  • Ensure regulatory compliance globally, supporting standards like CPCB, CWGA (India), DMR for state/EPA (USA), MUMPS, and CCR
  • Automate workflows to generate and send water extraction reports to regulators like CGWA

How it works?

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