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Digitize CBAM data collection, embedded emission calculations, reporting and auditing to ensure compliance with EU’s 2023/956 Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) regulation.

Climate action software for CBAM

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TSC Netzero’s CBAM software eliminates

Top 3 risks to your EU Exports


Increase in product cost

For every ton of carbon emission, your product cost will go up by 83 euros. It’s crucial to factor this into your pricing strategy.

The Sustainability Cloud ® enables

Accurate embedded emission calculations

Our CBAM calculator improves data collection accuracy and calculates precise embedded emissions which can reduce your overall product price in EU markets.


Penalty for unreported emissions

If you fail to report a ton of carbon emissions, you may face a penalty ranging from 10 to 15 euros.

The Sustainability Cloud ® enables

Timely CBAM reporting

CBAM tool allows you to pre-configure data collection and precisely calculate emissions so that you can report in a timely manner and avoid penalties.


Delayed or failed EU audits

EU accredited verifier audit is required for all CBAM reports from Jan 2026, this can be complex and tedious without digitization.

The Sustainability Cloud ® enables

Effortless digital audits

CBAM audit module provides digital auditing and assurance so that all audits are done in less time and with greater confidence.

Calculate your embedded emissions with our CBAM Reporting Software

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Meet EU CBAM regulations using

TSC Net Zero’s advanced CBAM reporting software

Manual and automated data collection

TSC Netzero enables automated data collection with easy ERP, SCADA, IIoT, and sub-meter integrations. Monitor emissions in real-time directly via CEMS.

Accurate Product Embedded Emission Calculations

Our CBAM calculation engine makes it easy to set emission calculation and attribution rules for each product and process, resulting in precise and accurate calculations.

Generate quarterly reports and share with EU importers

Our CBAM reporting software facilitates quarterly reporting for each exported product, tracking embedded emissions per shipment or invoice.

Supplier portal for CBAM data collection

Collect primary data from suppliers via our supplier portal, tracking progress and streamlining data collection with reminders and workflows.

Assurance modules for third-party and first-party verification

Access digital MMD templates for every CBAM product. Digitize third-party audits by inviting EU-accredited auditors via TSC Netzero’s assurance modules.

Track carbon taxes paid along your supply chain

Keep track of carbon taxes paid by you or your supplier down your supply chain. Maintain digital audit trails for each record.

Calculate your embedded emissions with our CBAM Reporting Software

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Your software led the CBAM compliance journey

CBAM compliance requires accomplishing 3 important milestones

What needs to be done to ensure CBAM compliance?

   Digitizes your CBAM compliance journey for seamless compliance with TSC Netzero.


Setting up CBAM

  • Defining reporting period
  • Installation & process boundaries
  • Identifying CBAM products and mapping their production processes and production routes
  • Determine monitoring needs
  • Monitoring methodology
  • documentation (MMD)

Regulation (EU) 2023/956 ANNEX III, Section A,B

Digitize CBAM setup for easy implementation

  • A software-driven process to setup CBAM
  • CBAM product lists and CN
  • Raw materials lists
  • Process routes and boundaries map
  • Emission calculations and attributions rules
  • Versioning and change logs for audits
  • Digital templatized MMD


Data collection and emission calculations

  • Data collection via metering, invoices, production protocols, stock taking, CEMS*, etc.
  • Maintaining records for laboratory analyses, maintenance and calibration of meters, CEMS.
  • Emission factors, calculations, and formulae to be used for emission calculations, carbon tax paid.
  • Monitoring of biomass emissions, process emissions, waste gases, flares and CBAM raw materials.

Automated data collection and emission calculations

  • Automated data collection from meters, CEMS and ERPs
  • Scope 1 and 2 calculations in compliance with CBAM requirements
  • Scope 3 data collection and calculations for CBAM inputs
  • Maintaining carbon tax records in your value chain
  • Auditable records with details of emissions factors, methodologies, and calculations


CBAM emission attribution and reporting

  • Attribute emissions to production processes and then to goods
  • Add the specific embedded emissions of relevant precursors
  • Determine the specific embedded emissions of CBAM goods
  • Reporting as per CBAM operators template Annex IV:
  • Part 1 General information
  • Part 2 – Optional information

Regulation (EU) 2023/956 ΑΝΝEX III, Section F, Annex IV.

Instantly generate audit-ready reports at the invoice level with a click.

  • Rule-based emission attributions and intensity calculations
  • Automated report generation in CBAM format at invoice or shipment/BOE level
  • Digital third-party audit assurance is possible when EU accredited verifier audit is required for these reports
  • Higher accuracy and data quality score leads to more accurate emission calculations

Why TSC Netzero is your ultimate CBAM reporting software

CBAM reporting software
What is CBAM

What is CBAM?

The EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is a policy that puts a price on the carbon emissions associated with certain imported products.

Why CBAM got implemented?

  • To prevent companies from moving carbon-intensive production to countries with lax or poor compliance to climate policies.
  • To establish a level playing field by aligning the carbon price of imports with that of domestic products.
  • To encourage cleaner industrial production in non-EU countries.

How CBAM is getting implemented?

CBAM is being implemented in two phases.

Transition Phase (Oct 2023-Dec 2025): 

  • Reporting obligation starts in October with no financial impact.
  • Financial penalty for non-compliance.
  • No EU-accredited verifier audit is required. Limited to specific products.

Effective Phase (Jan 2026-Dec 2034): 

  • From January 1, 2026, CBAM imposes a 20-35% tax on certain imported products into the EU.
  • Mandatory CBAM certificates for importers.
  • Expansion of product list. 
  • EU-accredited verifier audit is mandatory.

Who does it impact?

Sectors covered in the first phase


6 category


5 category


14 category


1 category


14 category


1 category

As per regulation (EU) 2023/956 Annex I,

the first phase includes 749 products from these six sectors.

How does it impact non-EU and non- EFTA exporters?

Exporters of high-carbon-intensity products may face increased charges, reduced competitiveness, and lower demand in the EU market.

For every ton of carbon emission, your product cost will increase by 83 euros.

For every unreported ton of carbon emission, you will be charged a penalty of 10 to 15 euros.

However, products imported to the EU for processing and re-export out of the EU are exempted from CBAM.

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