Bring credibility to your netzero commitments with Science Based Targets (SBTi)

Powerful cloud-based software to set and track progress of your company’s near-term and long-term netzero targets

Trusted by global enterprises on their journey to achieve netzero

  TSC Netzero digitizes and simplifies your SBTi commitments

Are you ready to set a science based target?

Base year and target recalculations at your fingertips

  • Set up and lock your SBTi base year and recalculation policy
  • Recalculate your base year and targets with a click when you breach recalculation thresholds
  • Get a digital trail of recalculation triggers that caused the breach of your organization’s recalculation policy including structural changes (mergers, acquisitions, divestments, etc.), methodology alterations, and more

Auto-validated targets against SBTi criteria checklist

  • Simply set your targets and we’ll tell you what criteria you’ve met already and what needs to be met
  • For every met criteria, TSC Netzero enables you to view how this criteria was met to make your target validation process a breeze
  • For every pending criteria, view the required actions to meet them
  • Ensure auto-validation for all your targets against the latest SBTi Corporate Near-Term Criteria and SBTi Corporate Net-Zero Standard Criteria

Set multiple targets for near and long-term

  • Set multiple near-term and long-term reduction targets using cross-sector and sector-specific methods
  • Transition your business to renewable energy with Renewable electricity targets aligned with the RE100 framework 
  • Set and track engagement targets for suppliers and customers to collaboratively decarbonise your value chain

Track progress against your targets

  • Monitor the progress of your targets over time, assessing key metrics such as base-year emissions and current performance
  • Break down your near or long-term targets into actionable year-on-year targets
  • Gain insights into required and achieved annual reductions to never miss a target 

Decarbonisation plan and Strategy

  • TSC Netzero’s “what-if” scenario model helps you identify emission reduction opportunities and assess their impact on the target
  • Use MACC analysis tool to understand the financial implications of identified opportunities for achieving your target
  • Armed with this data, select the most suitable decarbonization strategy for your business 
  • Convert the strategy into company policies and track progress to meet your target reductions 

SBTi expert consultation

  • Access our team of climate experts for end-to-end support on the 5 step SBTi commitment process
  • Gain valuable insights into selecting the right target for your business and how to meet it 
  • Achieving your science-based target is a journey. Sit back, relax, and let us take the driver’s seat

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