The Perfect Balance

of features and affordability


Replace your manual logbook


1 facility
1 field instrument per facility

1 user per org


  • Smart energy meter data capture
  • Support for IIoT data acquisition
  • SSO service Integrations

Business Basic

Start with powerful automation to digitize the energy footprint of your organization.


per facility per month, billed annually

1 facility

5 field instruments per facility
1 user per org

Everything in Free, plus

  • Energy source and consumption data digitization
  • Alert and alarm management
  • Energy dashboards and reports
  • User and roles management
  • 24×5 email and phone support

Business Standard

Access all functionalities of a standard energy management system


per facility per month, billed annually

1 facility

15 field instruments per facility
2 users per org

Everything in Standard, plus

  • Data sources including APIs and IIoT integrations
  • Data offline alerts
  • Data availability and variance reports
  • Energy analytics including distribution and patterns
  • Energy budget management
  • Custom user roles and audit trails

Business Premium

Energy mgmt. system with governance, customization, and advanced metrics.


per facility per month, billed annually

1 facility

30 field instruments per facility
5 users per org

Everything in Premium, plus

  • Support for SCADA, BMS, DCS, and OT integrations
  • Advanced energy data dashboards
  • Escalation engine for alerts
  • Constant data Alerts
  • Maintenance mode and data correction workflows
  • Device management for easy maintenance
  • Dedicated customer success manager


For large enterprises with custom needs to manage their energy mix

Ask for Price




  • Custom set of features as per the needs of your enterprise
  • Custom integrations with enterprise systems
  • Custom dashboards and reports
  • Dedicated customer success manager for your account

Our Add-On Repository

Field Instruments

₹499 per month, billed annually


₹499 per month, billed annually

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please ask for a custom quote from our partner or sales team. We support thousands of field instruments per facility at a very attractive price.

   No, the subscription plans apply to the entire organization, and different facilities CANNOT have different plans.

All SaaS plans come with a minimum of one facility, and additional facilities may be added as needed.

The “Number of FIELD INSTRUMENTS represents the total field instruments to be monitored across all facilities combined, including flow meters, level sensors, water analyzers, etc.

 All plans and add-ons are billed in an annual mode only.

   The billing for all facilities across any location is based on the base currency of the primary billing organization.

   In case new facilities or add-ons are added later, they will be billed pro-rata based on the remaining time of the subscription period.