Carbon accounting made simple

Carbon accounting software for transparent and auditable accounting of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, aligned with GHG protocol and PACT standards.

Built by climate experts in alignment with global standards

Carbon Accounting emission scopes as per GHG Protocol

Your complete Carbon Accounting journey 

GHG Inventory for Scope 1, 2, and 3

  • Set up a GHG inventory for company-owned and leased assets to track direct and indirect emissions on our carbon management platform.
  • Create a detailed and transparent inventory of your GHG sources.
  • Analyze and track your emissions at source level for enhanced carbon accounting.

Consolidate business unit carbon emissions

  • Add multiple business units to the carbon management software through organizational boundary setting.
  • Opt for operational, financial, or equity-based carbon accounting.
  • Easily track subsidiary and business unit emissions via web forms.

Emission factors and GWPs selection

  • Access 45,000+ emission factors curated by our carbon experts.
  • Discover the latest emission factors from standard databases such as IPCC, US EPA, UK DEFRA, IEA, and ecoinvent emission factors.
  • Create your custom emission factor database for accurate carbon accounting. 
  • Select GWP datasets aligned with IPCC 4th, 5th, and 6th assessment reports for carbon emission management.

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Scope 3 hub and value chain mapping

  • Collect primary data for Scope 3 accounting from suppliers, customers, and employees through dedicated apps.
  • Engage with employees, suppliers, and customers via in-app surveys to track downstream emissions with our carbon accounting software solution.
  • Data quality ratings (DQRs) to improve the accuracy of your Scope 3 carbon management aligned with PACT’s Pathfinder Framework.
  • PACT enabled Product Carbon Footprint data exchange with suppliers for upstream Scope 3 emissions and investor emission queries, allocated to their invoices or capital.

Digitize data collection

  • Get data from your IT stack, third-party systems, and IIOT systems like SAP, ORACLE, SCADA, etc, for accurate carbon emission management.
  • Simplify manual entries with data capture and approval workflows on our carbon management platform.

Auditable and traceable carbon ledger

  • Get all Scope 1, 2, and 3 records in one place just like your digital financial ledger. 
  • Be audit-ready with detailed carbon management records, including emission sources, calculations, factors, and references.
  • Ensure transparency with audit trails for every record with our carbon accounting software solution.

Base year and recalculation policy 

  • Set up a verifiable base year for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and maintain a digital audit trail to track changes.
  • Adjust your base year emissions on the carbon accounting software for acquisitions, divestments, and mergers.
  • Establish a recalculation policy, and determine the significance threshold.
  • Initiate recalculation for structural changes, methodology alterations, or significant errors for effective carbon accounting.

Digitize CBAM accounting and auditing

  • Comply with CBAM for select sectors across 749 product codes as per EU regulation (EU) 2023/956 Annex I.
  • Digitize CBAM with our carbon management software and map CBAM goods with CN codes, production processes, and routes. 
  • Create your digital monitoring methodology documentation (MMD) on the emission accounting software. 
  • Avoid financial penalties for non-compliance with automated quarterly reporting to EU importers.

Map Product Carbon Footprint 

  • End-to-end product emission accounting software as per GHG Product Standard, and PACT Pathfinder Framework.
  • Disclose product carbon footprint to customers on invoices and product labels.
  • Exchange Product Carbon Footprint data with suppliers using PACT WBCSD data exchange APIs.

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Carbon Management refers to the process of monitoring, measuring, and mitigating an organization’s carbon emissions. It involves strategies and tools to reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainability.

Carbon accounting provides transparency into an organization’s environmental impact, helps identify areas for improvement, enhances stakeholder trust, and demonstrates commitment to sustainability goals.

A Carbon Management Platform typically includes features such as carbon footprint tracking, emissions reporting, sustainability goal setting, data analysis tools, and integration capabilities with other systems.

Our carbon management software aligns with internationally recognized standards such as ISO 14064 for GHG accounting and reporting, GHG  Protocol for corporate emissions reporting, as well as emerging frameworks like Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and Business Reporting on Sustainability and Climate Change (BRSR) for enhanced transparency and compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.