Committed to empowering enterprises to thrive in the climate economy.

We empower enterprises to lead the charge in climate action with The Sustainability Cloud, our software platform designed to manage and achieve Net Zero

Our Evolution Story

Our journey began in 2011 when the market showed little interest in climate consciousness and lacked the motivation to track and account for their emissions. Yet, even in those early days, we saw the opportunities companies were missing by not embracing the potential of digitization and data analytics. Simultaneously, we recognized the immense value our product could bring to sustainability. This recognition led to the conception of The Sustainability Cloud, a comprehensive solution to meet all sustainability goals. We did realize that our vision for the product was way ahead of our times and navigating uncharted waters would require resilience. So rather than gazing at our distant goal, we focused on serving our customers and started evolving our product block by block to meet their requirements. 

Starting in 2015, our diligent efforts began gaining domestic and international recognition. A significant milestone was achieved in 2016 when Nasscom identified us in league of 10.

In due course, the world awakened to the gravity of climate change’s impact, ultimately leading to the momentous Paris Agreement and a paradigm shift. Looking back, we have recognized three things:

  1. The Paris Agreement provided us with the direction and clarity needed to understand our place in a world that had silently started transforming.
  2. Our customers will thrive in the new climate economy with the assistance of our unified Sustainability Cloud.
  3. Sometimes, understanding your purpose and path requires walking a mile in uncharted territory.

Today, with over a decade of industry experience to manage climate actions, expertise and a roster of over a thousand satisfied customers, we are well positioned to serve climate-conscious enterprises worldwide as they embrace the emerging global climate economy.

Our vision and mission actively contribute to the attainment of the goals established by the United Nations, the nation of India, and the inherent forces of nature. This alignment empowers us to serve on a global scale effectively.


Vision To accelerate a Net Zero future by empowering enterprises globally to bridge profitability and sustainability. A world where every enterprise harmonizes with the environment while achieving economic success.


Mission: To be the world’s most trusted enterprise software company for climate impact measurement, management, and minimization.

A journey through our history

We established LogicLadder in April 2011.

Launched first product- EnergyLogicIQ, now TSC Energy, for operational energy efficiency.

Acquired first five customers.

Conceived the vision of the unified product, The Sustainability Cloud.

Secured our first round of angel investment for product development.

Red Herring Top 100 Global: Awarded as the most innovative technology for remote monitoring. Learn more.

Company of the Year: Recognized by Silicon India as the Company of the Year. Learn more.

Registered global trademark for “The Sustainability Cloud.”

Launched EnviroLogicIQ for direct emissions, effluent, and air quality

Empowered India’s EPA: Developed an Effluent and Emission Monitoring System for the Central Pollution Control Board. Learn more. 

Awarded by NASSCOM for the top 10 product in League of 10, Emerge 50. Learn More.

Hit the mark of 100+ customers milestone.

Product of the Month: EnergyLogicIQ & EnviroLogicIQ, now known as TSC Energy and TSC Enviro, was recognized as the ‘Product of the Month’ by the CEO Magazine. Learn more. 

Won the Silver Award in the Global Smart City Startup Battle Category at BIXPO 2017 in Gwangju, South Korea. Learn more.

Surpassed the 500-customer mark

Rechristened the product modules EnergyLogicIQ and EnviroLogicIQ as TSC Energy and TSC Enviro

Launched TSC Water toaddress water footprint and water regulatory compliance challenges.

Secured 2nd-round investment from ONGC Startup and Shell E4 Program.

We unified Energy, Water, and Environmental Footprint under “The Sustainability Cloud.

Introduced TSC NetZero for Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions digitization.

Expanded our product offerings to include Scope 3 carbon emissions.

2023: and the journey continues…

Core Values:

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.- John c Maxwell

Ethical Values:

It is not profit or integrity, it is profit and integrity.
Treat others how you want to be treated, both in their presence and absence.
Practice what you preach.
Between customer and planet, always choose the planet.

Team Values:

Start with a strong foundation and then work towards achieving perfection.
Build people to build a successful team.
Collaboration, transparency, and respect for others’ journey make a cohesive team.

Innovation and Customer-Centric Values:

Customer experience and value are at the epicenter of product innovation.
We are here to serve our customers, even if it means walking an extra mile.
Commit to realistic expectations and prioritize quality over speed

Our Progress


Monitoring 1459 stacks for SO2, NOX, Pm and Co


Monitoring waste water quality for 1233 plants.


Monitoring 216 AAQMS stations for Pm 2.5, Pm10, SO2, NOX,NO2, Benzene, HCL


Empowering CPCB with an online effluent and emission monitoring system for 6000+ companies.

Our investors


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