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The Sustainability Cloud

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Auditability & Traceability

  • View a digital audit trail for any changes made to your BRSR data or report.
  • Maintain audit records for every question that gets filled, approved, or updated.
  • Invite an auditor to digitally audit your BRSR report for hassle-free third-party assurance.

Automate Data Collection

  • Automate manual data collection via forms and uploads.
  • Get data from your ERP and IT systems like SAP, Oracle, etc. 
  • Data integration with OT systems like SCADA, DCS, BMS, and IoT for data on water, energy, and other BRSR metrics.

BRSR KPI Tracking Dashboard

  • Gain insights to your organization’s performance trends and areas for improvement by tracking and analyzing ESG KPIs in the BRSR report and dashboards. 
  • For each KPI view and compare historic trends.


  • Smoother collaboration: Assign different sections and questions to various users in your organization for data collection.
  • Designated workflows: Implement maker and checker data collection process to bring more accuracy to your reports.
  • Automated reminders: Hassle-free data curation to meet your BRSR data collection timelines. No more worrying about reminders and missing timelines.

Integrated Reporting

  • Comply with ESG reporting frameworks( BRSR, GRI, CSRD) climate disclosures (CDP, TNFD) and financial disclosures (SASB, IFRS S1 and S2, SFDR) through integrated reporting. 
  • Reduce duplicacy by using the unique matching metrics tool to identify similar questions in different reporting frameworks and auto-mapping replies to them.

Track and Compare

  • View and compare responses from previous year BRSR report to frame better responses.
  • Access and compare all previously filed reports at the click of a button. 
  • Track and compare progress and improvements in key KPIs over time. 

Ongoing BRSR Reporting 

  • Move away from last-minute reporting surprises by generating your BRSR report internally at shorter intervals.
  • Break-down your yearly reports into four quarterly reports(Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) or two half-yearly reports. Then consolidate them to automatically generate your annual BRSR report. 

BRSR Consultancy

  • Get started with BRSR reporting with ease. 
  • Get access to our team of climate experts for support in addressing compliance gaps and reporting.
  • Identify and understand data required to generate your BRSR report and where that data resides in your organization with our materiality assessment.

All in one solution for sustainability reporting

Comply with BRSR and other leading global frameworks with The Sustainability Cloud


Challenges in BRSR reporting includes limited availability of comprehensive data, consolidation across multiple sites, industry-specific data collection, and inconsistencies between compliance data and reporting requirements.

Utilize BRSR reporting software for customizable reporting intervals, audit trails, and automated data integration, simplifying compliance. Integrated consultancy updates and analytics provide insights, enhancing comparability and efficiency in reporting.

Use a BRSR consultant for support in addressing compliance gaps and reporting.

The top 1000 listed companies in India are required to submit a Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report(BRSR) to the stock exchanges as part of their annual reports. BRSR reporting aim to provide investors with standardized disclosure of a company’s ESG commitments, enhancing transparency and enabling informed investment decisions. 

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting encompasses a broader spectrum of sustainability factors, including environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance practices, evaluated globally through standards like GRI, CDP, ISSB, and SASB. 

On the other hand, BRSR reporting specifically focuses on business responsibility and sustainability within the Indian context, aligning with local regulations and frameworks like SEBI’s BRSR framework.

The Sustainability Cloud

Your trusted partner for BRSR Reporting