The company of the Year, 2015

“The company of the Year, 2015” by the Silicon India magazine

LogicLadder: Making Data Simple to Acquire, Understand & Act Upon

India is the new tinkling star of the world and everyone is eyeing to get a glimpse of its shine. But the grass isn’t greener on the other side of this star. The primary energy demand in India has grown from about 450 million tons of oil equivalent (toe) in 2000 to about 770 million toe in 2012. This is expected to increase further to about 1250 (estimated by International Energy Agency) to 1500 (estimated in the Integrated Energy Policy Report) million toe in 2030.

India ranks amongst the world’s worst countries for its polluted air, states the latest urban air quality database released by WHO. Around 114 Indian cities dump untreated sewage and partially cremated bodies directly into the Ganges. Considering the facts cited above, there is huge need for Energy & Environment Intelligence Solution.

Driven by the philosophy ‘don’t just work, work to make a difference’, LogicLadder- a global cloud-based remote monitoring solution provider – works tirelessly to build great products to make its customers and partners take accurate and timely business decisions. Its power platform helps clients take charge of their energy costs, generator performance and amount of contamination into environment. The system has inbuilt intelligence to send real-time alerts to clients via SMSs and emails in case any of their parameters crosses the set thresholds. ‘Our customers are the purpose of our existence. I help them win so I can win,’ asserts a proud Mayank Chauhan, Founder & CEO, LogicLadder.

To do so, LogicLadder equips its clients with ongoing remote control over their entire unit’s performance, located anywhere in the world, from a single centralized location. LogicLadder helps customers take charge and comply with regulatory authorities whilst saving costs. LogicLadder’s offering is not just a monitoring platform, but a tool that enables people and things to work together, exchange information and make decisions that reduce energy costs and environmental impact, organization wide energy and environment data on a single cloud platform, real-time alerts & recommendation, machine intelligence to identify issues and device agnostic to support any kind of devices. Additionally, the tool also brings organization wide energy and environment data on a single cloud platform.

The Dual Power Performer

LogicLadder offers two product verticals, EnergyLogicIQ and EnviroLogicIQ. EnergyLogicIQ makes energy data simple to acquire, understand and act upon. While most monitoring solutions are centered around sensors and devices, and are just data visualization tools, EnergyLogicIQ is an energy monitoring platform that weaves people, sensors and devices together into an intelligent organization that is more aware and responsive towards its energy use. It also helps remotely monitor the energy efficiency and generator fuel consumption, whilst helping you control fuel loss and save costs. It accommodates parameters like active energy, volt, capacity, fuel fill, fuel loss and many more.

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