Sustainability Management Company Logicladder Closes Angel Investment

LogicLadder is pleased to announce that it has sucessfully closed an angel round of INR 17.2 million. LogicLadder plans to use the funds to accelerate its growth and advance its technology leadership position.

LogicLadder is a fast growing energy management company. It offers energy software, hardware and consulting services that help organization reduce their energy costs. LogicLadder was founded in 2011, and has since rapidly grown its customer base. It offers a unique mix of consulting services and a cloud based energy management system. The company works with its customers through the full energy saving cycle. It helps its monitor energy use, identify issues and implement energy saving measures. LogicLadder customers include some big names in manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality.

LogicLadder products include:

EnergyLogicIQ – a cloud based energy management software platform
Energy Intelligence Services – A consulting service that helps you analyze your energy data and implement solutions that reduce costs.

“The investors were particularly attracted to LogicLadder by its strong management team, long successful track record and focus on actual savings for the customers in the energy space. “,said Mr. Mayank Chauhan, CEO and Co-Founder.

“The two co-founders have also successfully founded SenseGrow which is a leader in the Internet of Things space. This gave a lot of confidence to the investors in the current team and their capabilities.”, said Mr. Atindra Chandel, Co-Founder.

About LogicLadder

LogicLadder provides energy and asset intelligence solutions and services. LogicLadder has changed the way organizations use and manage energy. LogicLadder’s unique approach of combining energy and asset data helps identify inefficient assets and energy use patterns. LogicLadder makes it easy for its customers to start and successfully run energy saving initiatives in their organization. LogicLadders offerings include a cloud based energy intelligence platform backed by a strong team of energy analyst. The platform helps you to monitor and manage energy use. While the analysts help you to take proper action. Visit the company online at

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