LogicLadder awarded at BIXPO 2017

LogicLadder awarded at BIXPO 2017, Gwangju, South Korea

We are proud to announce that LogicLadder has been awarded Silver award in Global Smart City Startup Battle Category at BIXPO 2017, Gaunju, South Korea.

Bitagram International Exposition of Electric Power Technology (BIXPO) recognized as IFIA official event is to be hosted by Korea Electric Power Corporation from November 1 to 3, 2017 in Kimdaejung Convention Center (KCC), Gwangju, South Korea.

BIXPO 2017 was an opportunity for global startup to showcase their technologies and display their strengths in terms of value creation for the Smart City initiatives across the globe. The event being sponsored by XnTree (www.sntree.com), the market entry accelerator in association with Level 39, the world’s most connected community for finance, cyber security, retail and smart-city technology businesses​

LogicLadder showcased The Sustainability Cloud, and the impact that it has on smart city. The eminent jury consisted on many technologists, experts and investors across the globe. We thank all our customers, partners and team in helping us to achieve this feat.

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