We are glad to announce that our firm LogicLadder has been featured again at India’s most reputed entrepreneurship online magazine YourStory.com.

Read their article featuring us from This sustainability cloud startup is helping companies track their carbon footprint.

Climate Change is a reality and we are committed to tackling this issue with our NetZero aim. Aiming NetZero means trying to create a balance between the greenhouse gases produced via various modes of energy consumption, and the amount of gases taken out from the atmosphere. This requires taking efforts to manage energy and its resources effectively, which is done by creating cutting-edge technologies that are energy or emission efficient, and taking steps to rationalize energy usages.

How are we tracking carbon footprint and achieving NetZero?

We, at LogicLadder, have built the cloud platform – The Sustainability Cloud, that enables you to monitor and manage all the environment informational parameters such as energy, water, and air quality in real-time.

Know detailed features and advantages of –

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