Digital Water Flowmeter with Telemetry System for Groundwater Monitoring Compliance

Looking for a Digital Water Flowmeter with a telemetry system for groundwater monitoring?

As per the latest guidelines issued by the Central Groundwater Authority(CGWA), it’s mandatory for industries drawing 10+ Cubic Metres of water to get NOC and install IoT-based Digital Flowmeters for Groundwater Monitoring. And if any industry fails to do so may be penalized with a sum of money that can amount to Rs 2,00,000.

So, you’ll find this article useful if you are looking for a Groundwater Monitoring System that is in compliance with the latest CGWA Regulations.

The Sustainability Cloud – The Groundwater Monitoring System

We, at LogicLadder, provide the Online Groundwater Monitoring System – Sustainability Cloud that allows you to monitor water parameters like Flow rate, pressure, water depth, temperature, and water level.


How it works?

Our system comprises the following four components-

1. Borewell Level Transmitter

A borewell level transmitter(or sensor) is placed inside the borewell to measure the groundwater level.

2. Electromagnetic Flowmeter

An electromagnetic flow meter or Mag Meter is used to get the flow rate of water coming out of your borewell.

3. IoT Cloud Connector

This is where our system comes into action. Our IoT Cloud connector is a gateway device that connects the digital flowmeters with our cloud platform.

Keeping your data security as our priority, our complete data transmission system is in compliance with ISO 27001 framework. Our system features Single Sign-On(SSO) Authentication that allows a user to access our platform with just one set of credentials(user name & password); Password Controls and Two-factor Authentication for better security of your data.

4. Sustainability Cloud Platform – Your dashboard to view all the insights.

Finally, our dashboard will allow you to view all your water parameters insights like, flow rate, pressure, water depth, temperature, and water level.

You’ll get Alerts or Notifications in case of any parameter exceedance or anomaly detection via Email, SMS, or Push Notifications. The platform also generates automatically scheduled reports to be sent to regulatory authorities, and its in-built penalty calculation feature will help you to forecast financial impacts.

Contact us now if you need any support from our side.

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