CGWA Guideline – June 2021 for Water meter with telemetry for groundwater extraction.

Extreme use of groundwater reserves can have serious concerns for future need of water, making CGWA implement new guidelines on groundwater extraction. To meet the standard of compliances it’s important to understand the need and requirements. To meet the new guidelines of CGWA below are the instructions to be followed:

Technical Specifications for tamper proof Electronic flow meter:

NOCNOC will be issued by CGWA/SGWA
FlowmeterBattery operated Digital Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic flowmeter
IP StandardWater Flowmeter as per 4064:2014 standards and have IP 68 ingress protection
Test CertificateNPL and NABL authorized laboratory
  1. It’s mandatory to install an Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic flowmeter.
  2. Water meter shall be manufactured as per ISO 4064: 2014 Standards and shall have IP 68 ingress protection.
  3. Flowmeter shall have an accuracy class 2, T50, as per ISO 4064:2014 standard.
  4. The manufacturer needs to submit the latest certificate of the meter from FCRI / National Physical Laboratory (NPL) or any government NABL accredited laboratory, for every meter. 
  5. Flowmeter must have a battery operated power source. The meter should not have any requirement of external power supply from mains or any renewable sources.

Technical Specifications for tamper proof Telemetry System:

  1. CGWA requires the data of the telemetry system to be stored in a meter, even in the power failure mode.
  2. A telemetry system can have a battery-operated or external power supply.
  3. Data must be transmitted via LoRa WAN or cellular phone (GPRS/3G/4G).
  4. Telemetry data should be transmitted to CGWA via a secure cloud server and the cloud server should be registered with MeitY.
  5. The parameter to be monitored by the telemetry system is the time stamp, the cumulative volume, the cumulative operating hours of the pump, at a minimum of twice a day.
  6. The meter shall be installed at the bore-well pump discharge line before any branching with no bypassing of pipe at the flow meter.
TelemetryBattery operated as well as an external power supply operated
Data TransmissionLoRa WAN or cellular phone (GPRS/3G/4G)
ParameterTotal flow, flow rate, level, EC (saline zone)
Vendor ServerMiety registered a secure cloud server
CGWA ServerCGWA data management

The web-based Data Management Software must be capable of running on a standard PC compatible with a minimum Pentium Processor. Software should be cloud-based and should have web portal access so that users can view customer data through a browser. 

Once the data management platform server is ready, un-tampered data will be sent from the secure cloud to CGWA on a real-time basis with proper cybersecurity measures.

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