Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence for Industrial plants

Leverage AI/ML to improve availability, productivity and efficiency of the plant.

We enable industrial enterprises to implement AI/ML in their factories and plants. 


What do we deliver as part of our Industry ML/AI offerings?

Anomaly detection with process data

Visual Intelligence using Vision AI/ML

Forecasting energy, water use, production and inventory

Detect process degradation

Why LogicLadder?

  • 10 Years experience in Industrial IoT and ML/AI
  • More than 800 customers today use IIoT and ML/AI technologies across 1600+ plants
  • Delivered one of the the largest IIoT project in Indian history  with more 20K location and 1M sensor data at a 1 min frequency. We can handle any scale
  • Our understanding of OT system like SCADA, DCS and Industrial protocols is unparalleled
  • Our experience means the fast quality  implementation at affordable prices
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